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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

HaHa- He Said "Professorial"

Newsflash: I've officially reached the point in the semester where I have to convince myself upon waking up every day that going to class is a good idea.

I think I've finally gotten over that 3- or 4-week High at having something to do with my brain, resulting in a mind-boggling downer. Although I must admit that going to class today turned out to be a great idea, as the Moral Theology class debated the Principle of Double Effect as relating to Nyquil and M*A*S*H. Get stoked, everybody. I might be able to get my hands on seasons 1-10 sometime soon, and waste my valuable homework time watching M*A*S*H with Justin's stepdad. Weee!

Things I'm still working on:
~Getting my car taken care of. This includes the title, insurance, and registration; although happily there is a specific car in mind when I speak of this.
~Planning the wedding reception. Hopefully we'll get this taken care of in due time, but first I have to get a confirmation from our place and put down a deposit to guarantee it.
~Figure out how much money I have to spare toward getting hi-speed internet at the house. Frankly, I think I would spend as little time as possible outside of my room if that were the case.
~My internship. Getting a set schedule for this thing is ridiculous, and at this rate I'll have to continue even after the semester ends to get the proper hours in.
~My birthday. Having your 21st in the middle of the week and living at least an hour away from the people you want to spend it with is a bigger hassle than I realized. Boo.

Anyhoo, I have to run, in hopes of finding some lunch and getting some work done before the little girls go completely crazy at having me home with them. You have no idea how hard it is to study when you have 2 girls sitting right outside your door asking you every 3 minutes what you are doing and if they can show you something really pretty.



Black Mona said...

wow...sounds like your life is pretty fast-paced up there! *sigh* if only it were so down here!

Brigid said...

Life is not the piece of cake id want it to be. Maybe not cake, perhaps, but maybe some sort of pie. Ill take pumpkin.

Hey, what type of car are you getting?

Also, yea, bummer about the birthday thing, I definitely feel for you. 21st on a monday or tuesday? at least you are up in MI-- I have to spend it in God awful, one shade from being hellish TX. Definitely wont be spending it with the people I want to.

Keep on truckin!

And, "wake up as if it was on purpose"

"Ask how, not if!"

Thomas said...

Seasons 1-10 of M*A*S*H*, I want them...I watch that just about everyday on the Hallmark channel. Sounds like your having fun with your classes.

Anonymous said...

What, did the Texan bugs attack and leave you for dead? It's been like, over a week, and I thought we were going to work hard on keeping in touch and blogging regularly this year...

Or do I have to subpoena you to an Interstate Council of the Triumverate?

.... So, Im surviving fatal bug attacks as well as dodging geckos and skunks everywhere on this crazy campus only to go and post for all to see. Let's get some teamwork going on here! where are my updates? :)

Nick M. said...

Well now, sounds fun and dangerous, paticularly (note the purposefully absent r) the Miller part. She's smart and everything, but watch out for them exams. Oh, and I like the birthday pic....takes me basck to the good ol' days....when UPN still existed, I went to public high school, and chicken and waffles was regular fare...

About the Author said...

Wow...and I thought that I was busy, but I don't have a wedding to plan for...and my vocation takes 5 years to prepare for, so I guess I have it easy.

Awesome Sean said...

it has been awhile since some awesomeness...

Where there is gold... said...


Now that I am home, working at a factory, and not in school yet, I have that money that you lent me available to give back...

Yeah, I realize it has been a year now. Bad Havilah bad.

Won't you please send me your address so that i can send you out that money order? That might help you get your High speed internet!

By the way, please don't forget to invite me to your wedding of the century! I won't eat anything if that is a problem, infact I can even bring something for you and yours...
baked potatoes...

mmmmmmm....... potatoes.

By the way I seriously miss having you there to cheer me up and to cook for. I will have to find a new imp and partner to feed when I, HOPEFULLY, start school again next semester.

Please pray for me, won't you?

With the fondest of memories and all the prayers I can think of,

Your friend in Wisconsin hell,

~Havilah the Krump